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Jodie Cole Coaching  provide – Business & Personal- Alignment & Lifestyle Coaching / Training & Mentoring.

favicon    How is your life flowing for you?

favicon    Stuck staying in a job or relationship you hate?

favicon    Love to learn how to break free?

favicon    How organised are you – having trouble prioritising?

favicon    Is a goal of yours to be financially & emotionally free?


If you answered yes to any of these questions we would love to help you.

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Jodie Cole Coaching is a vibrant, purposeful and driven Transformational coaching business seeking to bring out the best in you by providing affordable and easy to digest Personal mindset & Business education training and coaching.


Jodie Cole Coaching coaches train and coach you through different personal or business problems and strategise for your Business & Personal success.  

“When the student is ready the teacher appears”

I am a highly motivated, professional business woman and I wanted a ‘next-level’ Coach. I found Jodie Cole. I L O V E my Coaching sessions with Jodie because she delivers every time, doesn’t waste time, knows her stuff and continually gives knowledge, tips and experience without hesitation! Her focus is all about me and helping me move myself towards my goals without the fluff.  You seriously rock Jodie.


Stephanie Clifford-Hosking, CEO

“Jodie’s help and advice changed our lives”

Since meeting Jodie my husband and I now have a financial plan and investment strategy for building our financial future through property investment. We currently own 1 investment property and are in the process of constructing another. more…

Rebecca Ireland, Primary School Teacher and Mother of 4


Our Vision 


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Better education around the use of what we all earn in various levels can only benefit you by allowing the one key tool, education into your life.  Those who know what to do with their money and how to best manage it really do live their BEST lives. Don’t you want that to be you?


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How the Gym can be your Meditation

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Every Landlords worst fear

Every Landlords worst fear

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From ending my marriage to a million dollar portfolio

From ending my marriage to a million dollar portfolio

  I was 35 and I had everything society determined as being a successful woman.  I had the great house, great husband, two kids, good job and investment houses.  So… you say .. and??   Well, the point is, I really was unhappy.  My answer lay in...

Ways to Work With Us

One on One Coaching

We work closely with you to unlock your hidden mindset blocks to financial freedom..Don't wait! contact us to book you in for a free 30-minute strategy session   ..More. 

Group Workshops

Own a business? Manage a team? do you need a facilitator to come out and present life changing secrets and tips to unlock your money mindset and set you free?  More...

The Community

Join our fantastic online community through our very own facebook group or join up to the mastermind group for added bonuses and tips reserved for those totally committed to changing their futures. More... 

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Jodie Cole - interviewed on podcast by Peter Mastroianni

by Jodie Cole | Peter Mastroianni

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