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Are finance & lifestyle coaches, who help amazing people just like you.

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jodie cole coaching size 100 is a Financial mindset and Performance coaching organisation which assists individuals and organisations to transform their true inner potential into the results they desire while remaining true to their values, purpose and identity.

We do this by helping our clients to identify sources of financial or other stress and develop strategies to eliminate them (where possible), or to manage them. We then help them to create a clear vision of what they want to achieve, create an action plan for its achievement, and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully implement that plan. This allows both individuals and organisations to maximise their performance and improve their health, wealth and happiness.




With clear vision and values we provide speaking, coaching and training solutions which are developed using the most effective adult learning and psychological approaches.  We assist individuals and organisations to manage stress, unlock their potential and achieve more than they had previously thought possible.

All of our work can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

We are passionate about developing individual potential, continuous education, and linking learning and financial development to personal and business objectives.  In short if you are passionate about achieving financial success through personal and professional development, then you may be our perfect client.

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Professional Bio

jodie cole blue signature is an experienced and enthusiastic learning and development professional with extensive coaching, mentoring and motivational skills and a proven ability to empower others enabling them to achieve their full potential.  Jodie currently is Mentoring clients for Business SA (Chamber of Commerce South Australia) involved in the SAYES (South Australian Youth Entrepreneur Scheme), the Encore program and NES program.  Jodie holds qualifications listed below as well as having worked within state Government departments for 27 years, 16 of those in Training & Development, coaching, leadership and curriculum development.  Jodie has coaching clients in numerous countries including the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada.

  • Training & Assessment
  • Community Services Management
  • Internationally Accredited Professional Master Coach
  • NLP – Meta Dynamics Coach
  • Persolog DISC Personality Factor model Trainer
  • Property Investment Adviser – Property Investment Professionals of Australia

Jodie’s diverse property portfolio experiences include, strata title units, Strata group commitments as a Presiding Officer  & Treasurer of a strata group, to deceased estates, mortagee sales, and sales from Public Government Housing  and experience with the affordable homes scheme.  Jodie’s portfolio mainly runs with positively geared and positive cash flow properties. She has experience with property groups and negative gearing as well as depreciation schedules, and agency managed versus self property management.  Jodie is also an avid renovator and has lots of experience in the ups and down of the ‘do it yourself’ mindset.

Jodie has consistently delivered to her client’s positive organisational and strategic thinking, as well as empowering them to use their money to produce a cash flow via property investment for benefit now or in later life/retirement.

Jodie shares her vast knowledge and enthusiastic approach to her ‘anyone can do this’ property investing, by helping others by operating seminars and workshops.  She is also in the process of beginning a podcast where day to day questions can be answered in a very down to earth and easy to understand way that only Jodie can provide through her many years of hands on property investment experience.

Jodie’s describes the best feeling in the world  “to see others believing and succeeding through their own education & toil”

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