Balance Family and time for You


Balance Family and time for You..

Balance family and time for you.. Managing a family and yourself with either full time work or a business is a huge ask these days.  Having been a single mum for 8 years I can concur and I am about to share some of my strategies and organisational ideas to stay on top of it all and still have most importantly time for yourself!

A lot of people today share the parents journey especially post divorce with 50/50 custody or shared care of your children.  Along with the initial grief and guilt etc the normal emotions post any type of separation and change to your lifestyle, things start to settle down.

When they do the good part is if you are in a shared care situation you find yourself with time on your hands.  With that time really find it within yourself to be mindful of what it was that prior to parenthood really lit you up and you enjoyed for you.  This can be a time of reflection or self exploration as to what is it that you would really like to do with the other time you may now have on your hands outside of any work that you may do.  For me the time was used to really reflect and work out what my goals were both in life and for my financial future.

To begin with I wrote down what goals I had, what some may call a bucket list.  What things had I only dreamt of doing till now. What was holding me back and why?  Then I began to go through them and to put them in order as to what I could reasonably do and what sort of timeframes.  Like any good organiser I listed and sub listed how I would achieve those bucket list items.

From there I prioritised what I would really love now, soon or in the near future and I began a vision board.  I looked at and visualised every day what I wanted.  To my utter disbelief at times I was so thankful when your focus turns into people and people then turn into experience and experience into things.  In turn these things led me to be able to action many of my bucket list items in a very short space of time.

If I could do this and get to where I am today then many of you can too.  The big take away for me was to believe that with some time to yourself you can both be a parent and mother and at the same time live congruently to your own inner core values and true wants of just you.  You are so important don’t let life get in the way of you reaching for and holding a dream… big or small.


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