Mindset Blocks to dispose of before Buying a House

Mindset Blocks to dispose of before buying a house

Sick of renting?  Sick of landlords putting up the rent and not being allowed to put hooks in the wall?  Why not buy a house?  What about the fact I havent got any money dummy.. I hear you say.. Well what if I could tell you some ways to assist in how to build up some money and also how to do a few things to make sure you look good in the eyes of the banks or lenders?

Ok now you are listening.  Well first of all I want you to answer a few short questions?

  1.   Do you have a job? if so how long have you been there and is it stable?
  2.   Are you a saver or a spender? when it comes to your hard earned coin.
  3.   Do you have a lump sum or some savings of some sort either in the bank or an inheritance coming soon or the sale of a large    item of jewellery or a car?
  4.   Where do you live currently? renting? live with friends or with parents?
  5.   What are your thoughts around money?
  6.   Do you value you freedom and financial future?
  7.   Do you consider property as an asset that could leverage you financially in the future?
  8.   What are your thoughts around risk?  by that I mean financial risk, the ‘sleep at night’ factor about owing money.

These are some random questions I hear you ask.  Look at them closely though.. did you answer them quickly and easily, were they heard to answer when you got to what are your thoughts about money?  Did you become stuck on that one?  Did you not understand how your thoughts around money could impact on your very situation you find yourself in now?  Stop the mumbo jumbo I hear you say..  Well thoughts around money are a very important part and some would say the foundation as to how you either do well or not in your future, whether it be career or lifestyle or otherwise.  Because money does not so to speak grow on trees it is something that needs to either be earnt, found, donated to, lent or borrowed from someone else.  If we go a little universal here and say that none of us were born with an innate sense of how to manage money or to know how to view our thoughts around money, then why are we all so different?  Why are some people able to seemingly obtain all the financial freedom they could hope for in their lives and you arent?  Why is it that some people if they are born into wealth can squander it and become poor and worthless in seconds should a stock market or a GFC crash.  How is it also then that those who have come from a more humble beginning can also become very wealthy and in return teach others how they have obtained and achieved what they have.  Well the answer to all of these questions and abilities is the actual mindset.  Like I said earlier if we ALL are not born with the financial nouse and understanding about how to manage our lives around the management of our money earnt or not, then how do can start now?

Mindset Blocks to dispose of before aiming for wealth generation

Well how we start is easy.  We need a plan.  We need to focus on what it is that we feel we need to make our lives happier.  Now if we continue to focus on not having enough and that we are always struggling and that life is just another day then we are in for a shock.  In coaching we call it the above the line of below the line thinking, or living at cause or at affect.  Ask yourself that question.. are you a person who sits back and just allows life to happen to you?  The person who says sai la Vie what will be will be.. and think they have no control over what happens to you.. OR are you the person who as a result of life having thrown you its fair share of curved balls, you have picked yourself up and thought.. wow.. I do have a choice in life and if I choose to be at cause then I can begin by getting myself out of my mindset rut and starting to think about things I would like to have, be and do in my life.  When the lightbulb moment goes off in your head that you and YES YOU right here right now are in charge of everything you think and feel, then you have a choice.

Blah blah I hear you say so what.. how does this correlate to buying a house for peats sake?   Well the point I am trying to make and to get across here is that when you can reflect on what you have and where you have been and then sit quietly and think for a moment where you would like to be and how you are likely to get there, then MINDSET is the answer.  MINDSET is the reason behind everything we do and hence if we can harness some of our beliefs around why we have done what we have done or around why we think how we think, and yes im going in deep here and it revolves around our belief around worthiness relating to self and money, then we can begin to harness the untapped future power of the ‘what if’ mindset.  Yes now I am pushing you.. the ‘what if’ mindset.. what a load.. what if I would be the queen of sheeba then what??  Well if you were, how would that make you feel?  What types of things would you be doing with your day?  How would you look?  How would your life and your lifestyle look?.

How to identify what’s holding you back from living your ideal financial life

In Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad, he speaks about his father as a Academic who did his job day to day year after year and at the end of his life he was thankful but could he have achieved more?

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