What people are saying

What People are saying

“Spiritual meets strategy”

Jodie appeared in my life at a time when I was in a financial heap. I was trying to build my business and get used to solo parenting and needed someone who could help me see my future more clearly. Jodie is a coach who magically blends spiritual with strategic coaching. She is incredibly gifted at holding you accountable whilst respecting the emotions you’re experiencing.

She holds your vision for you even when you might not be able to see it. And she believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. If not for Jodie I’m sure I would have given up on my entrepreneurial journey and gone back to ‘a real job’. But thanks to her, I stuck to the path and the plan and realised what I want to do in the world with my business.

If you’re looking for a coach with business brilliance and spiritual sass then don’t look any further. Jodie will help get you where you want to go, and further. Thankyou Jodie I’m so glad the universe crossed our paths.


Mary Houston, Founder at Essentially You, and fabulous single mum.

“Jodie’s help and advice changed our lives”

Since meeting Jodie my husband and I now have a financial plan and investment strategy for building our financial future through property investment. We currently own 1 investment property and are in the process of constructing another.  Jodie is an amazingly knowledgeable resource who has helped highlight the benefits and the hazards of our strategy.  Having someone who has not only been there and done it herself, as well as her being an experienced property investment coach, she has turned us around.  I am excited about our plan for financial independence and I know Jodie will be there every step of the way.

Thankyou Jodie you have changed our lives.

Rebecca Ireland, Primary School Teacher and Mother of 4

“Jodie has been an invaluable asset to both my business and personal development!”

Jodie was a wonderful teacher to someone whose ability in the social media field was a novice until now, where I have a solid grasp on my online presence. I really liked the way Jodie was very considerate and patient with me in the beginning and at no point did she not champion what I was doing and my ability to perform with her guidance.  I have progressed enormously and now have a new improved focus on my abilities moving forward.  This directly correlates with improving my business and my professionalism in that business.  I have not met anyone like Jodie who is knowledgeable in so many areas and with the kindness to participate and impart it to so many.  I really enjoyed working with Jodie and she has provided me with so many new ideas and abilities within me, and for that I am forever grateful. I am so happy our professional and personal paths have crossed.

Terry Bahat, Body/Mind Fitness Coach

“I don’t know where I would be today without Jodie’s support and guidance!”

Jodie Cole is an awesome coach. She showed up for me, was very adaptable and flexible with the times of our sessions whilst I was in the process of moving to another continent.  Jodie is a gentle and caring soul, and a resourceful professional.  I am forever grateful that her coaching turned me around off the destructive path that I was on.  She gave me insights about myself and others that saved my job and essential income. I have found my coach!

Dr Veerle Van Tricht, Surgeon, Author, Coach, Burnout Expert

“The tools that I now have to live my life with purpose will last a lifetime”

Jodie Cole is an inspirational and passionate coach.  I loved how Jodie was able to help me see my life from a different perspective, that I have choices and I’m able to shift my thinking to transform my life.  Using humour and fantastic metaphors Jodie helped me to open my eyes to the many amazing opportunities available to me.  She pushed my (self imposed) limits and helped me to see that I already have the resources inside of me to create the life I want, and how I can have it.  Jodie was very professional but at the same time she was compassionate and responsive to my needs, I always felt heard.  Every session left me smiling (literally) and I would have a positive sense of purpose as I continued with my week. The tools that I now have to live my life with purpose will last a lifetime.  I am grateful that I have had an opportunity to be coached by such an inspirational and passionate person!

Anna Leditschke, Policy & Workforce Manager

claire head shot

“Jodie masterfully weaves compassion, intuition, leadership and motivation into a powerful coaching style.”

I’ve recently completed 6 coaching sessions with the wonderful Jodie Cole. One of the main issues I needed help with was self confidence and self belief. Jodie used a range of skills and techniques to challenge my limiting beliefs and reframe the way I valued myself.

Jodie sees your highest potential even when you can’t and gently but firmly pushes you towards you believing in your best self!

I can honestly say that my self belief is high and strong as a direct result of the coaching conversations with Jodie.

Jodie genuinely cares about her client and you feel very safe as she pushes you to experiment with, then embrace the feelings of worthiness.  By the end of each session I felt like I could take on the world.

Jodie also provided mentoring support to me as I embarked on setting up my business and running my first workshop. Jodie is so generous with sharing her years of experience in business  and training.

If you have any area in your life or business that you want to shine in, I strongly recommend that you make an investment in yourself and book an appointment with Jodie.

Claire Taylor,

sephie head shot

“Ok, well it is true, when the student is ready the teacher appears.”

That is exactly what happened to me. I was ready to take it all to the next level, I put it out there, and I found Jodie Cole. I L O V E my Coaching sessions with Jodie because she doesn’t waste time, she knows her stuff and continually gives of her knowledge, tips, and experience without hesitation! Her focus is all about me and helping me move myself towards my goals without the fluff. I am a highly motivated, professional business woman and I wanted a ‘next-level’ Coach, so thankyou Jodie because you deliver every time. You seriously rock Jodie x Loads of appreciation and thanks from me to you.

Stephanie Clifford-Hosking (CEO – GetSteffed.com.au)

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