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Welcome to the Behavioural Budgeting Model for Financial Freedom. 


What is it?


The Behavioural Budgeting Model was created by Jodie Cole after her many years of dealing with human behaviour and her training and coaching of clients relating to their financial mindsets.  She found that there were more than a few correlations between the way client’s thought’s about money and how they actually spent it and earnt it related to how they believed and dreamt their future’s would be.

When you recognise your personality and behavioural strengths you can deliberately seek out the tasks and situations that ideally suit you.  When your personality is in harmony with your tasks, successes come automatically and your goals and desires are fulfilled.

The Behavioural Budgeting (BB) Model observes actual situations and as such provides a made to measure description of your strengths, talents and ideal situations.  When you understand others’ BB style, you can better deal with them and create optimum conditions for the development of your own success mindset and personal style moving forward.

“Seek first to Understand…Then to be Understood” – Stephen Covey

This four quadrant model aims to assist people to understand how recognising personal strengths & tendencies can create an environment most conducive to your future financial success.  Download the Analyser tool below to find out how you can begin your road to financial freedom: 

“Success comes from being yourself”  

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After completing the Behavioural Budgeting Analyser Tool, you may wish to know more.. if so, you will get access to the exclusive members-only area to dive deeper, unlocking fantastic content of the BB Model and how it is a must in furthering your future financial freedom.

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